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Janetha’s Guest Post

Heather from Heather Eats Almond Butter (HEAB for short) here. Many thanks to my J. Bean for allowing me to guest post here at Meals and Moves. Love that girl’s sweet spirit. 🙂

I also love many of Janetha’s recipes, and I’ve had her Buffalo Chicken Salad bookmarked since…let’s see…December according to the date on the post. Well, better late than never, and this recipe was totally worth the wait. So simple and so good! I had to make a few HEABifications since my body doesn’t vibe with cow’s milk, but thank goodness for goat milk yogurt!

First I baked 3 large chicken breasts in a 375° oven for 50 minutes. After they cooled a bit, I shredded them in my food processor along with 2 stalks of celery. I then mixed the chicken and celery with about 6 ounces of Trader Joe’s plain goat milk yogurt (all I had), 2 TBSP Emeril’s Wing Sauce and 2 tsp of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix.


The finished product served atop a bed of wilted spinach, banana peppers (I’m obsessed), and blue corn tortilla chips…


CD, my husband, loaded up his salad with some as well…


I wish I’d had more yogurt to make it creamier, but the seasonings were spot on Janetha..I also wish I could have loaded it up with blue cheese crumbles. Silly dairy allergy! 😉

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us J. Bean! Many congrats on your marriage, and I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

Question: What is your favorite Meals and Moves recipe?

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